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It has been a good May thus far out by Flathead Lake. The weather is finally starting to warm up. The flowers are getting planted. I’ve started getting my ridiculously tight short sleeve shirts out of the closet (don’t look at me that way, this is a triathlon blog and you know you have them too). Tis the season of change out here in Montana.

I am happy to say that my new mentality about training has paid off. If you remember, I have been having a problem with hitting the bottom of the mojo barrel. Things came to a head at the Grizzly Triathlon. What should have been a fun event turned into something like being at the dentist (cue Kenny G background music).It was after the race that I had an epiphany.

My wife, as always the beacon of clarity in my chaotic life, was the source of…

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Why do people HATE triathletes?


Lizzie Online

Trust me, they do.  Everywhere you go, there are haters.  It’s almost like being the Nickleback of athletes.  For no really good reason people simply hate you.  Like this guy (I really didn’t want to give this “pro-blogging” know-it-all anymore traffic, but I thought I should credit the inspiration).  To give you the gist of the article he basically speculates and makes what sounds like statistically proven claims, but there is nothing to back up what he says.  Really buddy?  You polled every triathlete to determine their net earnings?  I missed the census I guess, sorry to bring down your averages. The point of this isn’t to disprove this most likely out of shape couch potato, but to understand why the hate prevails. Let’s continue.

My boyfriend thinks some people hate triathlon because “you never get to see your girlfriend”.  That’s probably just a few spouses out there, so that…

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Happy Anniversary!

Good work, my friend – commitment is great, but not at the expense of your sense of humour or personality

Lizzie Online

It’s been a whole year of triathlon driven sarcasm.  I know, where does the time go?

If you just joined us, here’s what you missed:

Most popular post: Ironman Canada Whistler Preview  Ok, kinda less sarcastic than I like to do, but a decent intro into what you can expect on this new course in 2013.  It’s in need of an update.  i’ll get on that.

Runner up: Why do people hate triathletes?

Some other highlights:


Rage against the Chlorine 

Pregnancy vs. Ironman


I’m looking forward to another funfilled year of random observations on the triathlete community and continuing to point the aero-helmet at ourselves.


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Your Checklist for a Worry Free Spring Ride

Great advice just in time for Summer to (almost) make it in the UK!

Packet Pickup

Finally, we have some nicer weather coming this way over the weekend and through next week. With that said, many of you will probably be itching to get out on the roads soon. Here is a checklist to ensure that your first ride is worry free and mechanically sound.

Correct Tire Pressure?

Every set of tires has the recommended tire pressure range stamped or printed on the side wall. If you are a smaller or lighter weight rider, it is recommended that you stay in the lower recommended range for tire pressure. If you are slightly heavier, you will want to ride the tires on the upper end of that recommended range. To ensure that your tires are properly inflated, use a pump that displays the tire pressure (psi) clearly. If you don’t have a pump, stop in and check out some of the easy-to-use and super reliable options that we…

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Here we go

It’s always hard starting out, but getting started is half the battle and it gets much easier – little and often – enough to matter, but not to much to overwhelm – Best of luck

Beginner Triathlete & Loving It

So – here we are 5 months out. I’ve mentally committed to doing the Granite Man Tri in August. Now, I have to get serious and start training.
But, doing that on top of a busy job and a busy two year old is going to be a challenge.
Any tips?
I started today by hitting the pavement. It wasn’t my best run, time for new shoes, but I did it.
Yet- it’s not running in worried about. It’s swimming and biking.
Time to dive in AND get back in the saddle!


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Fatboy’s Trio of Tips for Triathletes – Starting out or “The Fatboy Cometh!”

I find it hard to keep more than 3 things in my head at a time, so I have distilled this trio of pearls of wisdom (?) on a variety of triathlon topics from the many hours of paddling, pedaling and pounding round triathlons over the last few years:

A journey of thousand miles starts with but a single step….

Somehow, someway you have come to the conclusion that you need to do a triathlon.

Maybe you finally decided to get properly fit…

Maybe you decided to shift a few pounds…

Maybe the lure of neoprene and lycra was simply too much to resist…


Whatever the reason, welcome to the club. It is easy to think that every triathlete was born an Adonis, perfect in physical form and laser-like in their focus. Swathed in high-tech materials and aboard exotic carbon-fibre mounts, they cruise the Triathlon circuits worldwide, placing well and posting new PBs in every leg or event…

Annoying, aren’t they?

But don’t worry, not everyone is like that (and actually the vast majority of those who are, are great guys and girls who recognise that turning up is a greater step than most people take in a lifetime, so you will be welcome).

Most people in triathlon are as normal as anyone else, if a bit fitter and more determined.

And they all started somewhere. Some switched from single sports such as running or swimming to multidiscipline with some great legacy skills and fitness. Others are looking at everything fresh, with legacy love handles and are wondering where on Earth to start….

Tip 1: Take Stock

Sorry to sound like a lawyer (occupational hazard), but look at all of your assets and liabilities (physical, skills-based or attitude-based) and work out what you need to get to the start line. Each one will tell you something about how to train and finish your first triathlon

It might look like this:


  1. Bike (bit rusty)
  2. Can Swim (ish)
  3. Have running shoes (dusty)
  4. Love sports drinks (after a big night out)
  5. Old weight training kit
  6. Some free cash
  7. 3 months to the event


  1. Scared of open water (thank you, Stephen Spielberg)
  2. Can’t swim more than 25m
  3. Can’t run more than a mile (or at least couldn’t 4 years ago when I last tried)
  4. Don’t look good in lycra (Michelin Man)
  5. Only 3 months to the event


  1. Get your bike serviced and buy a helmet
  2. Join a pool and get some lessons if you can
  3. Pull on the trainers and get out there. Or in there. Running machines aren’t bad and are great for controlling intervals, but not a patch on hitting the road.
  4. Dust off the weights
  5. Get reacquainted with that room where you keep the beer and the find out what all the other toys apart from the fridge do.

Tip 2: Plan Accordingly

I looked at triathlon as 5 disciplines (rather than just 3), all of which need to be factored into training. So based on your inventory you can plan as follows:

Swim – Read up on technique and drills (plenty online and some pretty good books too…hint, hint…) or better yet get some lessons and design a plan to build up to the total swim distance. Then when you are fit enough and confident enough, buy/rent a wetsuit and find a local body of water to immerse yourself in, preferably with some likeminded or experienced open water swimmers on hand.

Cycle – Build up some regular rides to develop your bike skills and gradually extend to your final triathlon distance –Always, always, always wear a helmet: not only is it usually an event requirement, but you will almost certainly fall off and while your minor scrapes will heal, your noggin may not. And on Earth we are only issued with the one….

Run – Again plan to build up gradually until you can complete the run distance, but if you are a little on the “Clydesdale” side like me, don’t increase the distances too fast or you’ll knacker something. And run on something soft:

Grass/Sand: Goooood


Strength Training – Start slowly and gradually build up according to how you feel and if nothing else I would concentrate on core strength, which keeps your various bits working together properly. If you are in the least bit worried about smacking yourself in the head with weights, probably best to avoid them until you sober up.

With all of these you are better doing shorter, regular training sessions than fewer monster ones.

Nutrition – There are thousands of diets out there, but I have found that the following principle seems to hold:

  • More calories in, than out – gain weight
  • More calories out, than in – lose weight

The more you follow this and the more flattering the lycra gets. Yeah and the fitness thing, too…

So get in the kitchen and take control of what you eat by planning it – eating crap often happens when you don’t have options ready.

Tip 3: Get Started and Keep Going

You are going to need to stick to your plan, so:

  • Concentrate on why you are doing it – big shiny reasons, please.
  • Make sure the planned sessions are substantial enough to matter, but still achievable, so you don’t fall short and feel demotivated.
  • Factor in rewards – the stick is good (not finishing would suck…) but the carrot is important, too. So make sure you have enough recovery breaks, treats (food, drinks, going out – all three, if you like and I often do) and support – when the going gets tough, the tough think about the gig, meal out, drinks with friends, the lie-in, the party, the new books, mobile phone etc etc – whatever floats your boat.


Work out what you have;

Work out what you need to do and the time you have to do it in; and,

Work out what is going to keep you going.

Then do it. Easy, right?

And remember you’re awesome, so you’ll be fine.

For more details on my journey from Fatboy to Ironman, please download my ebook:

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IRON MAN COVER 3http://www.fb2im.co.uk

Number 3!

Thank you everyone who has downloaded the book already – earlier this week it hit number 3 for Triathlon in the Kindle Store, which is fantastic.

As you may know, reviews massively help sales, so if you have enjoyed it, could I please ask you to take 5 minutes to post a review? I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks


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